My Ninja began back in 2009, when Peyton(keys/vocals) and Maddox(drums/vocals) began collaborating after the break- up of their avante/improv group The Cavemen of Mars, but the band didn’t really solidify its sound until Phil Orton joined on guitar.  All three members have known each other for a long time, and have collaborated in several different configurations over the years-- this musical telepathy is what fuels My Ninja’s sound, as the band is able to navigate between a wide range of styles, and also incorporates moments of improvisation into their live shows.  Peyton and Orton write most of the songs, but also perform some of Maddox’s compositions. 

It is difficult to say exactly what kind of music this is.  Dark yet accessible, the music swerves between garage rock, power pop and prog-style instrumentals, with moments of swing and rockabilly thrown in as well.  That being said, even though the band is somewhat multi-textured, they have a core identity that is unmistakable.  With no bass player, the bottom end is held down by Peyton’s synth, giving space to the other players in a unique take on the  power trio idea, with ample room to spread out.  At any given moment, a different leader can emerge, steering the band down various musical avenues that are never quite the same twice.


" I've been a part of many bands in the past, but My Ninja is a sort of musical therapy for me" says Phil..."an opportunity for me to pool all of my influences together and express them into a brew with two of my best friends"

"Our music has something for everyone because all of our years of influences come out in the music - Prog Rock, Blues, Heavy, R&B, it's all there and you feel it" says Johnny. " Come to a My Ninja show and you'll leave feeling like you got your money's worth!



“Johnny and I had been messing around in my jam room for a while, and coming up with some pretty interesting ideas". Said Maddux,  "One day we had this sort of zen moment, where we looked at each other and said we need to get Phil involved in this. That’s really the birth of the band, when Phil joined us. Johnny and Phil have been collaborating for a long time, so there’s a certain amount of telepathy between them, which pretty much describes me and Johnny as well.  I think that one of the great things about us is that we utterly had no expectations or goals around what we were doing—it was and is an act of catharsis and therapy for all of us.  The three of us began to gel very quickly, and one night a good friend of ours was at a rehearsal, and said that we should play out!  I have a theory that one of our strengths is that we’re all coming from different places musically, although there is some overlap as to what we enjoy, and what our influences are.  Phil and I are both big metal fans, whereas Phil and Johnny are both big into the sort of dark, gothic rock of bands like Catherine Wheel.  I’m a huge jazz freak, as well as a lot of fairly obscure prog and improve stuff, so there are a lot of flavors in My Ninja..hopefully a little something for everyone!”





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